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“Melon” was a mundane watermelon which the 2017 Continuum's Donald Duck once pretended was a sentient individual, having modeled it into a mouse-head-like shape somewhat reminiscent of Mickey Mouse.


Voiced in an upbeat pipsqueak voice by Donald Duck's own little-known ventriloquism, Melon was the imaginary companion Donald used to cope with his loneliness on the desert island on which he crashed after escaping the Moon. Shortly after he was found by Della Duck, Webby Vanderquack and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Melon was thrown into the ocean, where it was found by a peckish Gladstone Gander, who ate what remained of Donald's "friend" — much to the still-disturbed Donald's distress.

Behind the scenes

Melon appears in the 2019 DuckTales 2017 special Moonvasion.

He was born of the executive ban on Mickey Mouse being used in person in the show, being a character with Mickey's trademark "three circles" head shape and voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos in his usual Mickey voice, but without ever being identified as Mickey, and providing the writers with the plausible deniability of the fact their supposed rule-breaking Mickey counterpart is, in fact, a nonsentient piece of fruit.

Voice Actors