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Melvin is a male Proto-Toon resembling a two-headed cyborg dragon.


Melvin is a two-headed dragon with sharp teeth, a sharper tongue, mechanical arms, large bat-like wings, and buttons on his chest that enable him to shift size at will. His two heads each answer to the name Melvin, and, though capable of holding conversations with one another, appear to consider themselves a single being. Because that was how Donald designed him, Melvin was cunning, evil and voracious, though he has claimed that he would have preferred to be good and simply has no choice because of his nature as a fictional creature of Donald's.

Indeed, Melvin was created by an unwitting Donald Duck using the Sorcerer Supreme Magic Kit, the odd idea of the character coming from the lazy duck's botched attempt at combining ideas from two popular comic books, Dragons & Damsels and Cowboy Robots. Given life against Donald's will, Melvin went on to try and eat both Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck's creations (Sir Luckalot, Maid Lovelorn and Merloon the Mixed-Up Mage), and the ducks themselves. However, Donald was eventually able to draw an "ink-magnet" into existence with the Kit, using it to suck Melvin back into the magic inkwell to be imprisoned forever.

Behind the scenes

Melvin is the main antagonist of the 2002 story Can You Imagine… Melvin?.