The Memocerebroscope was a complex Saturnian machine owned by, and perhaps built by, Rebo.


The Memocerebroscope was a bulky piece of machinery which allowed a Saturnian looking into its lens to project some of their memories onto a large screen. The memories would be entirely governed by the user's subjective thoughts about them, resulting in warped but extremely striking imagery rather than real "pictures" of the events.

It is unclear if it was a unique gizmo built by Rebo himself, or a more widespread machine in Saturnian society of yore, but the only known Memocerebroscope could be found in the Saturnian Mothership which the Jovians tricked Rebo into flying into the Sun in 1995, and was thus presumably destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Memocerebroscope appears in the 1995 story The Return of Rebo.

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