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  • Hello there,

    I notice that you've made several contributions to the Ligeia the Siren page. As much as I like seeing more people joining and contributing to this Wiki, with all due respect, your edits just don't cut it. I can understand if you are trying to meme or joke around, but this really isn't the place to do it. The purpose of this Wiki is to spread and contain information about Disney Duck comics and their expanded universe to fans of said universe, not to be a storehouse for memes and jokes.

    If you really want to put funny text in the Ligeia the Siren page for folks to see, I'd recommend screenshotting the page and editing it in some software such as Photoshop, allowing us to maintain our clean copy of the page while you get your memes and jokes.

    Also, if you continue to make nonsensical edits to the page, I may very well recommend to the admins that you be banned and the page be protected. I have no problem with comedy, jokes, memes, and giggles, but this isn't really the place for it.

    I hope you have a good day. This message wasn't made out of hate or anger. I just wanted to inform you that you really shouldn't be doing on this Wiki what you have been doing so far.

    Thank you for your time,


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    • Agreed. Your edits to the page are clearly vandalism, and if you continue, you will be banned. (and thank you, MidgetMoose, for leaving this message.)

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