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Michael is an anthropomorphic duck.


Michael is the last descendant of pirate Ferdinand Blackduck (his great-great-great-grandnephew, to be exact). Unaware of his adventurous ancestor's existence, Michael lived a boring and bitter life with his possessive auntie in Duckburg, living next to Donald Duck's house. Michael was quite unhappy with his life, not loving his possessive money-obsessed aunt one bit; it was a godsend when, in 2000, Donald Duck taught him that not only had his ancestor been a glorious swashbuckler, his ghost was now waiting for him to come and become his seafaring companion! With barely a second thought, Michael packed a suitcase and left to sail the sea, presumably becoming a fulfilled sailor-adventurer.

Behind the scenes

Michael was only ever seen in the 2000 story The Last of the Blackducks.

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