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Stamboomposter ("Family Tree Poster" in Dutch), better-known as Michel Nadorp's Duck Family Tree, is Michel Nadorp's remake of Don Rosa's notorious version of the Duck Family Tree, done in the form of a large illustration. It features Sir Stuft McDuck, Sir Swamphole McDuck, Sir Eider McDuck, Sir Quackly McDuck, Malcolm McDuck, Seafoam McDuck, Sir Roast McDuck, Molly Mallard, Titus McDuck, Quagmire McDuck, Angus McDuck, Jake McDuck, Fergus McDuck, Downy O'Drake, Matilda McDuck, Scrooge McDuck, Hortense McDuck, Quackmore Duck, Della Duck, Donald Duck, Mr Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Goosetave Gander, Pintail Duck, Humperdink Duck, Elvira Duck, Daphne Duck, Gladstone Gander, Lulubelle Loon, Eider Duck, Fethry Duck, Whitewater Duck, Clinton Coot, Gertrude Gadwall, Fanny Coot, Luke Goose, Gus Goose, Gretchen Grebe, Cuthbert Coot, Cornelius Coot, Daisy Duck and April, May and June.


This version of the Duck Family Tree is based on Don Rosa's version. It was redrawn by Michel Nadorp at the Dutch editor's request; the differences include Daisy Duck and her nieces being included in the tree itself rather than on the sidebar (event though they're not connected with any other family branch, even through Daisy's relationship with Donald, making it all rather pointless), and Quackmore and Hortense's faces being hidden, rather like Mr Duck's, in an effort to keep a mystery about Donald's parents.

Behind the scenes

Michel Nadorp's Duck Family Tree was released in June of 1995 as a poster included in the Dutch Donald Duck #1995-23. It was created at the request of the Dutch editor who did not wish to reveal the faces of Donald's parents in print.