Mickey's Birthdayland, renamed Mickey's Starland and later Mickey's Toyland, was a "themed land" in Walt Disney World. It featured Mickey Mouse, Cornelius Coot, Grandma Duck, and, in her debut, Minnie Moo.


Mickey's Birthdayland was themed as a recreation of "Duckburg, USA", complete with a statue of Cornelius Coot. After coming in via the Mickey's Birthdayland Express,[1]guests were invited to meet Mickey Mouse himself and visit his house, as well as Grandma Duck's Farm![2]



  • Duckburg's motto on its sign reads “A town that's everything it's quacked up to be”. The same sign states that Duckburg's population is “billions, and still growing!”


  • While the land was part of Mickey Mouse's 60th anniversary celebrations as Mickey's Birthdayland, it was the medium for the release of the live show Minnie's Surprise Birthday Party Show (1988). After the anniversary element became obsolete, this was replaced with an entirely other live show, Mickey's Magical TV World (1990).[3]
  • In conjunction with the ride's opening, a set of toy cars also entitled Mickey's Birthdayland (1988) was released as a commercial tie-in at McDonald's.
  • In early 1996, the ride was closed, and was refurbished into Mickey's Toontown Fair (1996). Many of the characters' houses were retained, but were now asserted to be part of Toontown Fair, as opposed to Duckburg; moreover, they were now construed as summer homes to the characters, who lived primarily in Toontown as seen in the Disneyland attraction Mickey's Toontown (1993).

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Mickey's Birthdayland opened in 1988 and continued to exist as substantially the same ride until 1996.

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