Mickey's Great-Grandfather is a comic story written by Bill Walsh, partially drawn by by George Waiss, and partially penciled by Manuel Gonzales and inked by Bill Wright. It features Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Morty Fieldmouse and, in his debut, Albemarle Mouse. It also mentions Billy the Kid.


Mickey Mouse is paid a visit by his great-grandfather Albemarle Mouse — former rustler and relentless teller of tall tales.

Behind the scenesEdit

This story (which consists of six half-pages) was first printed in 1946 in various American newspapers. It was reprinted in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #107, and, of course, in the Floyd Gottfredson Library, as well as in the Australian Walt Disney's Comics #55.

Interestingly, Albemarle Mouse's relationship to Mickey Mouse was changed in some foreign printings; in the French printings he is Mickey's great-uncle as opposed to great-grandfather, and in the Brazilian translations he is simply his uncle.

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