Mickey's Toontown is a comic story by Bill Riling, Bobbi J.G. WeissDavid Cody Weiss, Steve Loter, and Stephen DeStefano. It features Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow, Jiminy Cricket, Clara Cluck, Practical Pig, Zeke Wolf, Ludwig von Drake, Chip, Dale, Gadget Hackwrench, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Pluto, Peg-Leg Pete, and, in his debut, Floyd the Repairman.


After Mickey goes missing, his friends search the town top-to-bottom to find him. When the mouse is eventually discovered, tied up in the Clockenspiel, he reveals that Peg-Leg Pete captured him to prevent Mickey from foiling his latest plot - blowing up the town to get the gold located underneath. The gang rush to stop the criminal - but will they get there in time? Or will Toontown soon be history?



Behind the scenes

Mickey's Toontown was published in Disney Adventures #4-04. Interestingly, the comic was created by superimposing drawings of the characters on photographs of the real-world Mickey's Toontown theme park land.

The comic is among several works of a similar vintage which use the theme park land as Mickey and co's in-universe hometown.

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