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Mickey Go Local is a 2019 webcast animated series.


Taking place in Southeast Asia, Mickey Go Local is a new take on the classic Mickey Mouse shorts, drawing heavy inspiration from Paul Rudish's 2013 series.


  1. Master Hawker
  2. Peranakan Spice
  3. Georgetown Chase
  4. Rainforest Hunt
  5. How Do You Make Kaya?
  6. Chinese New Year

Behind the scenes

The first episode of the series was released on the official YouTube channel of Disney Channel Asia on July 24, 2019. It has been announced on the channel that more episodes will be coming soon. It is currently unclear whether the series will be released exclusively online, or if it will also be featured on Disney Channel Asia.

While some fans have praised the new character designs featured in the series, others have criticized them for being cruder than those featured in the similar 2013 Mickey Mouse series.

The series shares a name with Mickey Go Local, an event held in Singapore to coincide with Mickey's 90th anniversary. It is possible that the two events are part of a larger, Singaporean-based promotion.