Mickey Mouse, whose full name may be Michael Theodore Mouse or Michel Francois Mouse[2], depending on the source, is a male anthropomorphic mouse.


About 3 feet tall but no less sportive for it, Mickey Mouse is one of Donald Duck's closest friends. He lives in Mouseton and is engaged to the lovely Minnie Mouse; other close friends of his include Goofy and Horace as well as his pet dog, Pluto. Mickey is heroic to ridiculous extents and has little if any flaws at all. If anything, he can be too naive because of his overly 'nice' worldview. He has also been known to be somewhat mischievous, though never in a really harmful way. 

Mickey has had a variety of jobs, but overall, his occupation can hardly be called anything other than "hero". Most of his time is spent uncovering evil plots (he has actually been a deputy detective to the Mouseton police since 1939) and battling his ever-eluding archnemeses, the brutal Peg-Leg Pete and the diabolical Phantom Blot.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mickey Mouse first appeared in 1928 in the cartoon short Plane Crazy. Mickey is the most famous character in the Walt Disney franchise and something of a pop culture icon.

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Notes and ReferencesEdit

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