Mickey Mouse: The Series is a television series starring Mickey Mouse.

List of episodes Edit

"No Service"
"Croissant de Triomphe"
"New York Weenie"
"Tokyo Go"
"Stayin' Cool"
"Bad Ear Day"
"Ghoul Friend"
"Dog Show"
"O Sole Minnie"
"Tapped Out"
"Third Wheel"
"The Adorable Couple"
"Cable Car Chaos"
"Fire Escape"
"Eau de Minnie"
"O Futebol Clássico"
"Down the Hatch"
"Goofy's Grandma"
"Captain Donald"
"Mumbai Madness"
"The Boiler Room"
"Space Walkies"
"Mickey Monkey"
"Goofy's First Love"
"Doggone Biscuits"
"Workin' Stiff"
"Al Rojo Vivo"
"Bottle Shocked"
"A Flower for Minnie"
"Bronco Busted"


"One Man Band"
"Wish Upon a Coin"
"Movie Time"
"Shifting Gears"
"Black and White"
"¡Feliz Cumpleaños!"
"Wonders of the Deep"
"Road Hogs"
"Roughin' It"
"Couple Sweaters"
"Turkish Delights"
"Sock Burglar"
"Ku'u Lei Melody"
"No Reservations"
"Split Decision"
"Good Sports"


"Swimmin' Hole"
"Touchdown and Out"
"Locked in Love"
"Bee Inspired"
"Shipped Out"
"Three-Legged Race"
"Nature's Wonderland"
"The Birthday Song"
"The Perfect Dream"
"Feed the Birds"
"Year of the Dog"
"The Fancy Gentleman"
"New Shoes"
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