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Mickey Mouse, also known as Jedi Mickey or Jedi Mickey Mouse, is or was an anthropomorphic mouse residing in the Star Wars Galaxy. He appears to be a counterpart of some sort to Earth's Mickey Mouse.


Born on the planet of Hyperion, this spacefaring version of Mickey Mouse joined the Jedi, an order of noble sorcerers wise in the ways of the Force, a cosmic power which permeates Mickey's home galaxy. As a heroic Jedi, Mickey fought in the Clone Wars alongside his faithful astromech R2-MK; he later escaped Emperor Palpatine's Empire's destruction of all Jedi in the Galaxy, remaining a part of the resistance effort against the Empire.

Behind the scenes

Created in 1997 as part of the Star Wars Weekend event at Disneyland, the Jedi Mickey Mouse is a recurring character in Disney Parks-related advertising of the Star Wars franchise, his story and features primarily developed via merchandise items and the like.

He is ostensibly meant to be the Prime Universe Mickey Mouse's counterpart in the Star Wars universe; this appears to have been conceived of with no knowledge of the fact that other sources establish the Star Wars Galaxy (or a version thereof) to exist in the outer space of the Prime Universe itself. However, this does not make it impossible for there to exist some supernatural kinship between the two Mickeys, rather than their resemblance being a mere coincidence.

Notably, official Star Wars sources consider the character, and all media featuring him, to be non-canonical as far as the official chronology of the Star Wars saga is concerned. This position is, however, obviously not reflected here.