Mickey Mouse and the Pet Shop is an illustrated text story. It features Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and, in his debut, Mr Palmer.

Description Edit

Mickey Mouse, watching a pet store for his friend Mr Palmer, meets a puppy named Pluto who has never been adopted due to his mischievous nature. After he realizes what a friendly puppy Pluto is, Mickey decides to adopt the dog.

Behind the scenes Edit

Mickey Mouse and the Pet Shop was first released in a stand-alone book in 1996. It was later included in The Magic of Disney Storybook Collection in 2004.

Although the story does contradict the comic Circus Roustabout in showing how Mickey Mouse adopted Pluto, that area of canon is one fraught with multiple continuity issues, as there have been many different stories showing many different ways in which Mickey Mouse adopted the pup, meaning that this does not necessarily mean that the story is non-canon.

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