Mickey Mouse in Magic Land is a comic story written by George Crenshaw and drawn by Jack Bradbury. It features Mickey Mouse, the Magic Mirror, and, in flashback, Mugloo, Dedi, King Cheops, Heron of Alexandria, Benvenuto Cellini, the Summoner of Ghosts, the Summoner's Apprentice, Pinetti, Cagliostro, Mesmer, St. Germain and Robert Houdini.

Description Edit

Mickey Mouse (in full magician's garb) holds a lecture on magic and sorcery throughout human history, from the birth of shamanism in the Stone Age to the amazing feats of Robert Houdini, the Master of Prestidigitation! But Mickey shouldn't be so quick to dismiss magic as a whole as nothing but superstition — if only he knew exactly what looking-glass is hidden amongst his props…

Behind the scenes Edit

Mickey Mouse in Magic Land was printed in 1957 in Four Color Comics #819. It was only ever reprinted in Australia, in Giant #96.

Even though it adopts the same format as the comic adaptations thereof, Mickey Mouse in Magic Land is not actually a comic version of an educative special in the fashion of Mars and Beyond or Donald Duck in Mathmagicland. Nevertheless, it does bear superficial similarities to All About Magic, an episode of the Disneyland anthology series released in January of 1957 — notably when it comes to the Magic Mirror's appearance.

Speaking of the Mirror, this appearance is notable for being one of the only ones where the Mirror has glove-like hands to go with his spectral, mask-like face — and is even able to manipulate illusory props in the mirror-space, such as a book.

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