Fanwork Mickey Mouse in Vietnam is a notorious unlicensed parody of Disney cartoons, an underground cartoon short written and directed by Whitney Lee Savage. It features Mickey Mouse.


Mickey Mouse is convinced by a billboard to join the American army, and is shipped off to Vietnam, smiling all the way — only to be shot to death immediately upon arriving, finally losing his smile.

Behind the scenesEdit

The satirical short, created and released in 1969, was believed lost until it resurfaced in 2013 on YouTube (with the soundtrack being found in 2018).

A political piece created in opposition to American involvement in the Vietnam War, it utilized Mickey Mouse as an allegory for the American people itself more than as a character in his own right. To convey the happy-go-lucky innocence required for this purpose, the short was done in the style of the 1930's black-and-white ones, with Mickey as his youthful, mischievous, naive pie-eyed self.

If for no other reason than Mickey dying at the end of it, the short is obviously considered non-canonical on this Wiki, and, one assumes, most everywhere else.

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