Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp is a 1931 comic story. It features Mickey Mouse, Kat Nipp, the baker's boy, the catnip bootlegger, Barnacle Bill, Clarabelle Cow, and Martin Muskrat.


A shack appears in Mickey Mouse's neighborhood, and the plucky young rodent decides that he wants to meet the self-declared "toufest guy in the kounty" and the resident of that home, Kat Nipp. Kat Nipp is not too friendly towards curious Mickey and threatens to tie knots into his tail if he catches him near his home. What happens next is an all out war between the cat and the mouse as they each try to tie knots in the other's tail.


  • Mickey Mouse, Boxing Champion (1931), the next serialized story to be featured across the Mickey Mouse comic strip following Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp, begins with a reference to Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp as the first line in that story is Mickey saying, "Well, I've got everything under control - no more tough guys to worry with - guess everybody knows who's the best man in this section now!"

Behind the scenesEdit

Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp was first published in serialized form across the Mickey Mouse comic strip featured in American newspaper. The story was written by Floyd Gottfredson and featured art by both Gottfredson and Earl Duvall. Its first strip was released on January the 19th, 1931, and its last strip was released on February the 25th, 1931.[1]

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