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The Midship Detective Agency is a detective agency.


Located in the middle of a cruise ship (hence the term "Midship"), the Midship Detective Agency is run by Mickey Mouse and investigates crimes which occur aboard the ship. Other employees of the agency besides Mickey include detectives Donald Duck and Goofy, and Susan, who is tasked with training new recruits of the Agency. Because of the large size of the ship and the small number of detectives employed there, the Agency often turns to the passengers of the ship for help solving crimes.

Although Mickey is generally the head of the agency, that role was once briefly filled by Pepe the King Prawn, who sneaked into the main office and changed the locks when Mickey was out to lunch. Pepe also changed the name of the agency to "Pepe's Detective Agency", although this was quickly reverted after Mickey and the other employees of the agency came back from lunch and discovered the changes that had been made.


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Behind the scenes

The Midship Detective Agency is the central location of the Midship Detective Agency game, and as such first appeared in the first playable Midship Detective Agency case, The Case of the Plundered Paintings, in 2011.