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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. Mila Alexeev is a female anthropomorphic dog.


Mila Alexeev is a witch who studied in the same magic school as Magica De Spell and became friends with her then. At some point in her life, Mila became strapped for cash and spent a week in the shape of a bear, trying to escape her landlord (she would later comment that it "took another week to get rid of the smell"). By 2018, Mila Alexeev had moved to Rotterdam, though she traveled to Duckburg in June of that year (by broomstick) to say hello to her sister, subsequently bumping into Magica and doing her a favor following a situation that had some parallels to her own bear stint (though somewhat different in other ways).

Behind the scenes

Mila Alexeev first appeared in the 2018 story The Cat Came Back, later making a cameo in the 2020 story Hidden Potential.

According to Sarah Jolley, she is a nod to her own friend Mila, a Russian-German woman with a fondness for bears; the comic Mila's slightly-off English syntax was based on hers, and the bear anecdote is an obvious tip of the hat to the real Mila's fondness for the animal.