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Minerva Mouse, better known as Minnie Mouse, is a female anthropomorphic mouse.


Born to farmers Marcus and Margie Mouse, Minnie is a sweet young girl and Mickey Mouse's girlfriend and fiancée. Minnie is very intelligent and extremely sweet; on the other hand, she is sometimes shown to be rather impatient, or on the contrary to be exceedingly tame. Although she did live adventures on her own, Minnie very often becomes the damsel in distress for Mickey to rescue; this is in part due to villain Peg-Leg Pete being somewhat attracted to her (especially in the 30's). 

Behind the scenes

Minnie Mouse first appeared on May the 15th, 1928 along with her fiancé, Mickey Mouse, in Plane Crazy, the first cartoon to be produced for the Mickey Mouse series. However, this airing of Plane Crazy was a limited test screening; Plane Crazy would not see a wide release until March the 17th, 1929, by which point Steamboat Willie, The Gallopin' Gaucho, and The Barn Dance, all of which are shorts that featured Minnie, had already been released. Thus, Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon featuring Minnie to be widely distributed, is often considered to be Minnie's debut and is likewise is the reason that Disneystrology implies that November the 18th, the date on which Steamboat Willie was released in 1928, is Minnie's birthday in-universe.

Following her appearance in these first four installments, Minnie became a mainstay in the Mickey Mouse cartoons for several years, often playing the role of a damsel-in-distress to allow the main protagonist, Mickey, to play a hero role. Starting in the mid-1930's, she began to appear in the shorts less frequently as newer characters such as Donald Duck and Goofy began to play more dominant roles in the series. However, she was never fully phased out, still playing important roles in a few shorts throughout the 1940's and even appearing in several shorts without Mickey, instead appearing alongside pet characters like Pluto and Figaro.

Her debut in comic strips was in 1930's Lost on a Desert Island, the comic strip adaptation of her animated debut Plane Crazy. She would go on to play important roles in many Mickey Mouse comic strips and comics.

Interestingly, a joke in the Alfred Hitchcock film Marnie mentions Minnie as "Minnie Q. Mouse". There is no other mention of Minnie's middle name.

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