Minerva Mouse, better known as Minnie Mouse, is a female anthropomorphic mouse.


Born to farmers Marcus and Margie Mouse, Minnie is a sweet young girl and Mickey Mouse's girlfriend and fiancée. Minnie is very intelligent and extremely sweet; on the other hand, she is sometimes shown to be rather impatient, or on the contrary to be exceedingly tame. Although she did live adventures on her own, Minnie very often becomes the damsel in distress for Mickey to rescue; this is in part due to villain Peg-Leg Pete being somewhat attracted to her (especially in the 30's). 

Behind the scenesEdit

Minnie first appeared in 1928 along with her fiancé Mickey in Plane Crazy.

Interestingly, a joke in the Alfred Hitchcock film Marnie mentions Minnie as "Minnie Q. Mouse". There is no other mention of Minnie's middle name.

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Notes and ReferencesEdit

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