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Miss Bianca is a female semi-anthropomorphic mouse.


A beautiful Hungarian mouse, who caught the eye of many a male member of her species, Miss Bianca was a representative for her country to the Rescue Aid Society. She was present at Rescue Aid Society Headquarters one day when a note arrived from a young girl in distress named Penny. After the note was removed by Bernard, a timid janitor whom Bianca had noticed on her way in to the meeting, Bianca read it and, moved by Penny's plight, begged the Rescue Aid Society Chairman to give her the assignment. As he considered the matter, Bernard interjected to voice an opposition to Bianca's going out of fear for her safety; the Chairman responded by proposing that Bianca be accompanied by a co-agent.

Many of the other delegates eagerly volunteered to be Bianca's companion, rather overwhelming her. As she examined the crowd, her eyes fell on Bernard, whose gallant concern for her well-being had impressed her. Much to his surprise-and consternation-Bianca nominated Bernard to be her co-agent. He protested, but with her cajoling-and that of the other delegates, who proved surprisingly good sports about not being chosen-he was eventually persuaded to undertake the mission with her.

This adventure would prove to be the first of many Miss Bianca and Bernard shared, and the two developed a strong affection that deepened into love. Eventually, Bernard determined to propose to Bianca, but the dinner at which he hoped to do so was interrupted by the arrival of news of another child, Cody, in need of help. Unaware of Bernard's plans, Bianca insisted on the pair accepting the mission, and they made their way to Australia. Once there, they were joined by a charming local guide named Jake, but he, Cody, and Bianca ended up in the clutches of the poacher Percival C. McLeach. Though worried, Bianca expressed confidence in Bernard's ability to rescue them; he met her expectations, and promptly made his proposal, which Bianca happily accepted.

Behind the scenes

Miss Bianca was featured in the 1977 movie The Rescuers. She was based on the character of the same name from the 1959 novel that inspired the film.