Miss Chaldkust is a woman who, depending on accounts, may either be a dognose or an anthropomorphic duck.


In the early 1970's, sweet, eldery Miss Chalkdust was a Duckburg schoolteacher who, among others, taught Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck. She admired the Junior Woodchucks, and, like other adults who attended their 'performance' at the end of the Summer of 1971, later endeavored to learn some Woodchuck tricks such as building a large tent entirely out of natural materials.

Behind the scenesEdit

Miss Chalkdust appears in the 1972 Carl Barks-written and Kay Wright-drawn story Storm Dancers as well as its 1992 remake drawn by Daan Jippes.

Curiously, the two versions of the story identify two different women seen by the Mayor's side on the last page as Miss Chalkdust. In the 1972 story, Chalkdust is the elderly duck lady with glasses, whereas according to the 1992 remake, it is the dognose lady with a hairbun.

It is, of course, possible that both characters share the name of Chalkdust (possibly being related, though their differing species would seem to render this somewhat unlikely).

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