Miss De Wak is a female anthropomorphic duck.


A tall middle-aged woman, Miss De Wak is the head librarian of the Duckburg Library. Perfectly embodying the stereotype, Miss De Wak loathes noise of all sorts, even finding most whispers too loud for her liking. In 1959, she had Daisy Duck for a second-in-command, managing to impart the same hatred of noise in the younger woman for the time being. 

Behind the scenesEdit

Miss De Wak only ever appeared in the 1959 story The Librarian.

She bears a great resemblance to Miss Quackfaster, and, in DuckTales 2017, the version of Quackfaster featured is a much less likable duck and Scrooge's librarian as opposed to secretary, suggesting elements of Miss De Wak were combined with Quackfaster to create the character.

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