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Miss Molly is a female anthropomorphic duck.


An elderly lady from Duckburg, Miss Molly owns a boarding house where Scrooge McDuck stayed for a night when he first arrived in Calisota in 1902. Scrooge left in a hurry, and forgot to pay the one dollar of rent; eighty years later, Molly would send private-eye Humphrey Gokart after her mysterious first tenant, unaware of who he had become.

Miss Molly's boarding house is still open in the present day, and is home to both Gokart himself and (since 1982) to stranded, eccentric alien tourist O.K. Quack. Miss Molly is an efficient housekeeper, but prone to bouts of anger, during which she has been known to throw frying-pans about for no particular reason.


Daisy Duck's “Miss Molly”. She was said to normally wear glasses, here lost in a shipwreck.

Interestingly, Daisy Duck had once impersonated a young Miss Molly while on a spy adventure, portraying her as a young, southern woman from Macon, Georgia. It is unclear if she had gotten the inspiration for her disguise from the real Miss Molly or if the homonymy was fortuitous.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Miss Molly first appeared in the 1982 Italian story The Tourist from the End of the Universe, though Daisy Duck's “Miss Molly” disguise debuted in Tycoonraker! many years earlier.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Daisy's "Miss Molly" appears throughout Tycoonraker!, and was meant to be a reference to the 1956 rock'n'roll hit. It is unknown if The Case of the Circulating Saucer furthered the same reference, or was based on memories of Tycoonraker!, or if they simply had nothing in common.
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