Mister Mysterio is an anthropomorphic cockatoo.


A very talented stage magician, Mister Mysterio works for the Papagatto Circus, which stopped in Duckburg in 1982. Mysterio's most popular magic trick was the Doublez Doubloons trick, which doubled any number of coins; after a certain amount was reached, Mysterio put all the coins in his hat, and then flipped it to reveal it was now only filled with water. He also had a variation of the trick which he could apparently play on the fly with an unprepared hat, temporarily replacing the hat with a fried egg.

In 1982, Scrooge McDuck became obsessed with learning this trick, much to the annoyance of Mysterio, who didn't think very highly of McDuck. The billionaire's incoherent ramblings in a public card caused him further woe when the ever-stupid Beagle Boys heard them and misinterpreted them as meaning Mysterio actually had the ability to create money out of thin air, prompting them to kidnap Mysterio to learn his secret. Using illusions themselves, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck managed to free Mysterio, and he was thankful enough to teach them the Doublez Doubloons trick.

As some of Mysterio's tricks (most notably the fried egg spell) seem impossible for a mere prestidigitator to manage, it is possible that Mysterio had some talent as an actual wizard and mixed in some real magic with his parlor tricks.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mysterio was only ever featured in the 1982 story The Magic Trail.

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