Mitzy is a heavily mutated female blue krill from the 2017 Continuum.


Once an ordinary Blue Krill, part of Fethry Duck's Team, Mitzy is as friendly and musically-inclined as the rest of the Team, and, alongside the rest, supported Fethry's diving ventures. However, she left the team after she underwent a mysterious mutation that made her grow to enormous size. She hid from Fethry and the other Krill until volcanic activity threatened to destroy the underwater laboratory, at which point she revealed herself to save Fethry, the Team, and Huey and Dewey Duck. After the destruction of the base, she became Fethry's steed as he set about fulfilling his dream of becoming a scientist, which the study of the new species she constituted presumably being Fethry's first scientific project.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mitzy appears in the DuckTales 2017 episode The Depths of Cousin Fethry.

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