Mizrabel is a human woman.


Mizrabel is an elderly witch of questionable morals whose main asset is a large enchanted castle known as the Castle of Illusion, whose room she can turn into pocket worlds limited only by her imagination. In the 1990's, Mizrabel grew jealous of Minnie Mouse's beauty, youth and popularity, and kidnapped her, intending to use a ritual to trader Minnie's beauty and her own ghastliness. Naturally, Mickey Mouse rescued his beloved and defeated Mizrabel, who experienced a change of heart and flew the mice back to Mouseton on her broomstick. Later on, however, a magical accident led to her getting stuck in Wasteland together with her Castle. Falling back to her wicked ways, Mizrabel used the Castle's magic to kidnap hundreds of heroes and villains from the real world to suck out their life-force and use it to escape Wasteland. Once again, she was stopped by Mickey, whom Oswald Rabbit had called to Wasteland. She was forced to flee the Castle, vowing revenge, and has presumably been hiding out somewhere in Wasteland ever since.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mizrabel was created for the 1990 video game Castle of Illusion. She reappeared in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, as well as in the 2013 remake of the original 1990 game.

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