The Hammer of Thor, more properly known as Mjölnir, is a mythological artifact, a huge, magical hammer.


Mjölnir “mighty” hammer of the Norse god of Thunder Thor; it was forged for him by the Dwarves Sindre and Brokk and gifted to him by his brother Loki. It is a magical weapon, capable of travelling great distances if thrown, and, indeed, to fight on its own accord to an extent.[1]

The Hammer was, according to The Life of Thor, used by its divine wielder during his glorious struggle against the Storm Gods.[2] In 2010, Thor's hammer was propelled out of his reach and to Duckburg by a volcanic eruption, ended up in the hands of Donald Duck, who had a baffled Gyro Gearloose analyze it.

Shortly after realizing what they had in hands, the Ducks had the Hammer taken away from them by Loki, who had been taking advantage of Thor's loss of the hammer to take over from Odin as King of the Norse Gods and imprison the other gods in the Dungeon of Asgard. After the Ducks and Santa Claus defeated Loki, Donald, with some reluctance, returned the Hammer to Thor.[3]

Behind the scenes

Mjölnir was first mentioned in the Prime Universe the 1958 Getting Thor. It later played a larger part in the 2010 story Ducks of Thunder.

Nots & References


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