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Moby Duck is a hybrid of anthropomorphic duck and pelican.


Described as Donald Duck's distant uncle, Moby Duck is a merchant sailor. He has a faithful pet porpoise called Porpy; his only ship mate used to be Dim-Witty Duck, but he has since hired Goofy or Fethry Duck instead (and has also occasionally sailed with Donald himself). Moby is very knowledgeable about the ocean, its inhabitants and its legends; he has, more than once, led searches for pirate treasures.

Behind the scenes

First appearing in March of 1967 in A Whale of an AdventureMoby Duck has become a recurring character. He was initially meant to be a whaler (hence his name), but it was soon felt that it would appear too cruel to a young audience and he was reworked into a sea merchant with a deep love of sea animals instead.

Moby Duck has seldom appeared in animation, but his only real appearance was a very notable one: in 1968, he was the central character (and narrator) of an animated feature-length TV special, Pacifically Peeking, where he was animated by master animator Ward Kimball and voiced by Paul Frees (better known in Disney lore as the voice of Ludwig von Drake, as well as that of the Ghost Host in The Haunted Mansion). His only other animated appearance was a cameo in the House of Mouse episode House of Crime.