Fanwork The Mogollon of Bear Mountain is male Mogollon.


A gigantic Mogollon who can appear as nothing more than two pine trees, this mysterious and voracious being roams Bear Mountain, and is known to the locals as "the Beast of Bear Mountain". In 2018, Gladstone Gander set out to take a picture of the beast (for purposes of fame and fortune) while Magica De Spell separately trekked to Bear Mountain to obtain some of its fur for a spell. After a night-long chase, however, the two barely made it back to civilization, and Gladstone decided not to reveal the truth of the Beast's existence. As for the Mogollon, it was left with Gladstone's lost hat, and seemed quite happy.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Mogollon appears in the unofficial 2018 story The Beast of Bear Mountain.

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