Monsieur Molay is a major antagonist of the Golden Era who appeared in two connected stories.


Molay is generally greedy and ruthless, something characteristic to members of the Priory of Sion, who are looking to manipulate the power of the Templars for their own nefarious motives.

The only reason Molay doesn't use the Philosopher's Stone to create more gold, despite him having easy access to it is because it would ruin the world's gold markets, and even the Templars' wealth depends on them.

Molay is also able to translate secret ancient templar banking cipher.


Molay was appointed Director of the International Money Council, or in terms of the original organization, Grandmaster of the Bank of the Knights Templar. Sometime before his appearance in the stories he was inducted within the Priory of Sion, a secret organization within the Knights Templar, without Mattressface, his assistant being aware.

He held the Philosopher's Stone, which Mattressface had retrieved, in his office.

Crown of the Crusader KingsEdit

Scrooge and his nephews went to the IMC HQ in Paris, seeking their expertise in crusader treasures. Initially, Molay helped them by telling them about the connection between Christopher Columbus and the Templars, as well as aiding them in the discovery of the Temple Dome Rock in Haiti.

Pretenting to be satisfied and to be leaving Haiti, Molay instead tricked them by not telling them about the old to new calendary conversion, and having a Voodoo Tribe ambush them.

When they did find the Crown of the Crusader Kings, he held them at gunpoint to retrieve it, but was stopped by the members of the Voodoo Tribe, which by the time were informed about Molay's betrayal.

After messing with him back in the Voodoo Tribe's village, they released him, and he presumably returned to Paris. The Crown was sent to a Haitian Museum.

Letter From HomeEdit

In the events leading to "Letter From Home", Molay stole the Crown back from the Haitian Museum, using the Philosopher's Stone to bypass any protection. He returned the Crown to Paris, where Maurice Matressface expressed his reservations about stealing the Crown from Haiti.

Molay retorted that the Crown could lead to an even greater treasure for the IMC. Molay and Maurice then went to Castle McDuck in Scotland, where Molay once again, tried to retrieve a treasure, this time the treasure of the vault of the Templars, by holding Scrooge and his nephews at gunpoint.

Matressface saw that Molay had crossed the line and tried to stop him, to little effect. He was eventually stopped by Donald, and Maurice Matressface had him taken to the local constabulary.


  • Apparently, Molay is a lover of Camembert Wine.
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