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Molly Cunningham is a female anthropomorphic Bear and the 2017 Continuum's counterpart to the original Molly Cunningham.


Molly grew up with Kit Cloudkicker, and the pair both attended pilot school with a younger Della Duck. Whereas Kit proved a somewhat lackluster pilot and took over Higher for Hire, the more gifted Molly became a a stunt pilot. She eventually became the owner, if not founder, of Danger Woman's Death-Defying Circus. After Kit failed to keep up with payments on his old plane, the Sea Duck, Molly bought it and offered Kit a spot on her circus roster, which he accepted after some hesitation.

Behind the scenes

The DuckTales 2017 version of Molly appears as an adult, though an in-universe television advertisement shows her in her traditional child design from TaleSpin. The adult Molly wears a red, white, and blue stuntwoman outfit including a cape, undoubtedly as a reference to the original Molly's favorite fictional hero, Danger Woman.

Voice actor

  • Eliza Coupe