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Molly Mallard, who later became Molly McDuck, was a female anthropomorphic duck.


Just as her husband Titus McDuck who briefly but memorably embraced that career, Molly Mallard was a coal miner in Glasgow in the beginning of the 19th century. Molly worked hard, too hard in fact, but still had to find time for her domestic life with Titus and to raise her numerous children (who included Fergus, Jake, Angus, and possibly more); probably from the strain of it all, Molly appears to have died rather young.

Behind the scenesEdit

Molly was created in 1993 by Don Rosa for his version of the Duck Family Tree. Her backstory, although implied by the way he drew her, was only disclosed in interviews, possibly for being too dark for a real Disney comic.

In the 2010 story The Infant Terrible (Inducks code D 2007 218), Scrooge McDuck mentiones that "his grandmother" made delicious oatmeal. Whether he was referring to Molly or his maternal grandmother, Duckson O'Drake's wife (presumably Jenny) is unknown.

A ghostly Molly appears in the DuckTales 2017 continuum, specifically in the episode The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck. In the comics' continuity, Molly has never be shown to be a ghost. Her maiden name of Mallard is also the surname of the Prime Universe Darkwing Duck and his 2017 Continuum counterpart, but no known connection exists between them.

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