The Money-Sorting Machine is a sentient robot from the 2017 Continuum.


Created by Gyro Gearloose to sort the change in Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin, this imposing robot soon rebelled against mankind, making terrifying use of the absurd array of weaponry that Gyro had given it (the inventor could only state that "it seemed like a good idea at the time"). What's more, Gyro had neglected to give the machine an off-switch, reasoning that it would be pointless on a machine meant to sort through all of Scrooge McDuck's money. Thus, a shrunken-down Webby Vanderquack had to save the day by crawling into the Machine and manually switching off its brain, a task which required besting its Robotic Antibodies.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Money-Sorting Machine appears in the 2018 DuckTales 2017 comic The Incredible Shrinking Webby.

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