Mono-Ocularians are a species of alien sentient humanoid beings.

Description Edit

Mono-Ocularians are a race of sentient humanoid beings with one eye, hence their name. They have thin limbs and appear to range in size from three to five feet. Their body is covered with black skin, save for their face, which is orange. Some Mono-Ocularians exhibit facial hair (in the form of whiskers), although they seem to be in the minority.

The Mono-Ocularians originate in the galaxy of Mono-Ocularis, on the planet Eye-Candy. Theirs is an advanced civilization, and they command a fleet of starships headed by the commander Iris-One. The Mono-Ocularians came into contact with the people of Earth when they were forced to steal Earth's moon. This was in an attempt to lure the enormous "space worm", P.E.R.C.Y., from eating their home planet. Though unstated, it is likely that the Mono-Ocularian civilization holds a seat on the United Galactic Federation.

List of Mono-OculariansEdit

List of Mono-Ocularians

Behind the scenes Edit

The Mono-Ocularians first appeared in the story Plan Dine from Outer Space in 2010.

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