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The Moon, obstinately referred to by its inhabitants as the Planet Moon, is a moon in the 2017 Continuum's Solar System, orbiting its version of Earth.


The Moon appears to Earth as a barren pale white rock. However, that is only true of one of its faces, as the other is actually a hologram the Moonlander civilization uses to disguise the sprawling city of Tranquility they have built by hollowing out part of the planetoid itself. Aside from the Moonlanders, the Moon is also home to other creatures, such as the monstrous (but not fundamentally evil) Moonmites. All Moon lifeforms have adapted to the so-called “planet”'s low gravity and nigh-inexistant atmosphere.

Della Duck crashed into the Moon Desert in the mid-2000's, losing her left leg in the process. She survived on her own for a decade (living off Oxy-Chew) before meeting two Moonlanders, General Lunaris and Lieutenant Penumbra, who showed her the city.

Behind the scenes

This version of the Moon appears in the DuckTales 2017 series, with most of its idiosyncrasies debuting in the 2019 episode Whatever Happened to Della Duck?.