Moon Octopuses, also known as Moon Squids, are a species of alien inhabiting the Moon.

Description Edit

Dangerous creatures to encounter, Moon Octopuses (which somewhat resemble Earth's own octopus) float through the low-gravity skies of the Moon, attacking those who come too close.

During their search for the fabled Green Cheese of Longevity, Scrooge McDuck and co. encountered several Moon Octopuses. Scrooge managed to fight them off with the Pogo-Cane, and continued on his journey unharmed.

Behind the scenes Edit

Moon Octopuses first appeared in DuckTales NES in 1989. They later appeared in the 2013 remake of the aforementioned game, DuckTales Remastered. In both games, they are commonly-encountered enemies in the "Moon Stage".

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