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Moonlanders are a species of sapient aliens from the 2017 Continuum.


The variously-pastel-colored, noseless humanoids known as Moonlanders inhabit the 2017 Continuum's Moon, which, as a matter of "national pride", they insist is a planet. The Moonlanders, whose main food-source is moon scorpions, hoard all the gold to be found on the Moon on its hidden face, having used it as raw material to build their sprawling city of Tranquility. However, this locked them into everlasting war with the Moonmites, great burrowing insect-like beasts from the Moon desert, which ever seek gold to feed their younglings, until the arrival of Della Duck.

Behind the scenes

The Moonlanders were created as a species in the 2019 cartoon Whatever Happened to Della Duck?.

Following their debut, there has been heavy speculation that Lord Dominator (introduced in 2014 in The Rider) is actually an exiled Moonlander, as she looks stunningly like one (and even shares mannerisms and quirks of language with Lieutenant Penumbra); the only notable difference is the eyes, as Dominator's are red with black pupils whereas the two confirmed Moonlanders' are black with pale pupils. Though inhabiting the 2017 Continuum's Yonder Galaxy, Dominator has repeatedly been stated to come from another galaxy, which could well be the Milky Way. If the theory is correct, this would provide an interesting parallel between Dominator and her rival Lord Hater, who canonically originates on Earth (though even he may have forgotten it).