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Morgan's Island is an island located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.


Several days' sailing away from the Duckburg harbour, Morgan's Island is the small but plentiful desert island which was explored by pirate Henry Morgan and selected as the final resting place of his treasure (until the mid-20th century, when Morgan's own ghost decided to help mortals recover his riches).

Landmarks on the Island, as marked out on Morgan's map, include Spy-Glass Cove, Morgan's headquarters at Bilge Water Cave, Bald Rock and the Skeleton Tree, with the treasure being buried a few paces from the latter.

Little to no wildlife was visible on the island during Donald Duck, Yellow Beak, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Peg-Leg Pete, Red Eye and his brother's 1942 visit to the island. On the other hand, the plantlife was varied and opulent, with several banana trees bearing large, yellow, edible-looking bananas in evidence.

Behind the scenes

Morgan's Island (which is wholly fictional) is one of the main settings of the 1942 story Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold.