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Morgana Macawber is a female Duck, sorceress, and the girlfriend of Darkwing Duck.


Morgana first appeared in "Just Us Justice Ducks", Morgana and Darkwing are about to go out on a date when Darkwing learns of a crime being committed by Quackerjack and Megavolt. Morgana later attempts to help Darkwing with her magic, but ends up flubbing her spells; as such, Darkwing is reluctant to accept further help from her. He later explodes at her and his other would-be allies, the Justice Ducks, wanting to get the credit for taking down the newly formed Fearsome Five himself. Morgana soon leaves in a huff, but later returns to help upon seeing the sad state of St. Canard after Darkwing is defeated by his foes.

Morgana attempts to face Bushroot on her own, but is ultimately defeated by him and taken to the Fearsome Five's lair, where she is joined by the similarly captured Gizmoduck, Neptunia, and Stegmutt. Fortunately, a humbled Darkwing arrives to save them from Negaduck's various gadgets designed to eliminate each of them. The Justice Ducks then join forces against the Fearsome Five, and succeed in defeating the villains and saving St. Canard.

In "Fungus Amongus", she operates the pizza business Macawber's Mushrooms. The business serves as a front for her use of magical pizza toppings to commit crimes, which leads to her being investigated by Darkwing. A mutual attraction develops between the two, and Morgana halts her pizza-based scheme.

This wasn't Morgan's last brush with villainy, as in "Ghoul of My Dreams" she forms a partnership with the dream realm monster Nodoff. Using Nodoff's magical sand, she puts St. Canard citizens to sleep and gets them to surrender their wealth by having Nodoff manipulate their dreams. Despite his infatuation with her, Darkwing intervenes, and the two eventually realize that Nodoff has a more sinister agenda: trapping all of St. Canard in the dream realm forever. Fortunately, Morgana and Darkwing are able to use their own power over the dream realm to defeat him.

In "Dead Duck", Morgana attempts to use her magic to help Darkwing after he seemingly dies during a high-speed chase due to his helmet being broken. She attempts a reincarnation spell on Darkwing's ghost, but ends up turning him into a carnation. Her subsequent attempts also fail, and Darkwing eventually bids her goodbye before preparing to depart for the afterlife. However, it later turned out that these events were the result of a head-trauma induced nightmare.

In "Monster R Us", Morgana introduces Darkwing to her family.

Behind the scenesEdit

Morgana's hairdo is reminiscent of the Bride of Frankenstein. As with Neptunia, Stegmutt, and members of the Fearsome Five, she first appeared in the Darkwing Duck episode "Just Us Justice Ducks". However, episodes of Darkwing were aired out of production order, so that the episode that was meant to serve as her introduction was actually aired later.

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