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Morocco Pete is or was a non-anthropomorphic male spider in the 2017 Continuum.


Morocco Pete is a male spider and Webby Vanderquack's pet; Webby, who considers him her "best friend", insists that Pete is quite friendly, although that claim is disputed by arachnophobes everywhere.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to Francisco Angones in Frank Angones and the Suspenders of Disbelief, Morocco Pete was planned to have a "prominent role" in Woo-oo!, the first episode of DuckTales 2017, but was cut for time.[1][2]

Interestingly, Angones is himself an arachnophobe. [3]

Coincidentally, Morocco Pete's circumstances are akin to those of Alastair in the Harry Potter film series, also planned to be a male spider and friend of the young protagonist by the screenwriter (when no such character appeared in the source material), only to be cut in the final film.[4]

He is one of the characters specifically created for the series, who presumably does not have a counterpart in the regular universe.

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