Mortimer Mouse, also known as Montmorency Rodent or any permutation of those two monikers, is a male anthropomorphic mouse.


Tall and nowhere as handsome and elegant as he thinks he is, ever-slick Mortimer Mouse is a happy-go-lucky party-goer from Mouseton. Often bully to Mickey, Mortimer is romantically interested in Minnie Mouse, though she does not, in any way, reciprocate his attentions. Despite his troublesome ways, he is more or less established as part of Mickey's circle of acquaintances, and has occasionally behaved somewhat friendly to the shorter mouse.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mortimer Mouse debuted in 1935 in the cartoon Mickey's Rival, though his appearance and manners were inspired by the earlier character of Mr Slicker (sometimes mistakenly believed to be the same character as Mortimer, though unlike Mortimer, Slicker was outright villainous).

Initially named "Mortimer" (an allusion to the first name considered by Disney when creating Mickey Mouse, before they settled on "Mickey"), the character was temporarily renamed "Montmorency" or "Monty" later down the road, in an effort to avoid confusion with Mickey's nephew Morty or with Minnie Mouse's Uncle Mortimer; for similar reasons, his last name is sometimes given as "Rodent" rather than "Mouse".

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