The Motor Sludge Catfish are a monstrous species of fish found in Lake Eerie.

Description Edit

A mutated strain of catfish native to Lake Eerie's hopelessly polluted waters, the Motor Sludge Catfish owe their names to Philodemus Gentlefogg's speculation that they acquired their peculiar traits from growing up on a diet of motor sludges as they grew up in the Beer Can Shoals (one of the many strange 'landmarks' of Lake Eerie).

Little snarling monstrosities, the Motor Sludge Catfish possess an array of sharp teeth and small antennae-like formations. Adult specimens have been observed eating empty cans of beer. Seemingly able to breath on land, they are able to leave the waters of the Lake and hope on the lakeside like toads using their surprisingly strong fins.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Motor Sludge Catfish appear in the 1972 story Be Leery of Lake Eerie, and reappeared in its remakes.

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