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Mouseton, formerly Silo Center[1][2] and also known as Mouseville[5][6], is a city in Calisota.


Mouseton is a large modern city located not far from Duckburg in the state of Calisota. It may be located in Guillard County, as Mickey Mouse, one of its residents, has a library card for that county's library.[8] On the other hand, its apparent proximity to Duckburg would indicate it is located in Webfoot County or Duck County, both of which have been suggested to be the counties in which Duckburg is located.

It comprises several neighborhoods including the Thistle Park District[5] and the Docks.[9] There is a section of Mouseton known as the Victorian Quarter, a very dark and foggy section of town. It is located in the old part of Mouseton. The Victorian Quarter is home to a tavern known as the White Mouse, a meeting place for interdimensional travelers.[10]

Its past is largely unknown and probably unremarkable. In 1932, it was still known as "Silo Center".[1][2] It seems to have changed its name to "Hometown" by 1935[3][4]. By 1939, it was known as "Mouseville"[5] and would keep this name at least until 1955.[6] By 1967, it had changed its name again, this time to "Ourtown".[7] Sometime afterwards, it would become known by its modern name of "Mouseton", a name which has stuck with the city thus far.

Behind the scenes

The city was first seen, as "Silo Center", in 1932 in Fireman Mickey.

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