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Mr Smee is a human being.


A pudgy little old fellow, Smee is the incompetent first mate of James Hook aboard the Jolly Roger. Although technically a villain, Mr Smee hasn't a vindictive bone in his body and spends most of his time being the "housekeeper" of the Jolly Roger, acting as Hook's valet, cook, barber and physician — although Hook has employed him as a henchman on less savory endeavors on many occasions. Because of how unthreatening he is for a pirate, Smee is often bullied by the more fearsome other members of Hook's crew. Captain Hook himself also relentlessly abuses Smee at every turn, but seems to appreciate Smee's loyalty and care enough that he repeatedly entrusts important missions to him anyway.

Behind the scenes

Mr Smee, based on the character of the same name in James M. Barry's Peter Pan play and novel, first appeared in the 1953 animated motion picture Peter Pan.