Mister Billups, better known as the Curator of the Duckburg Museum, is an anthropomorphic dog.


Mr Billups is an old, tall dognose with a white beard and a bald head. A very knowledgeable man, he was for a very long time the curator of the Duckburg Museum. He notably helped Donald Duck oppose the evil of aspiring world-dictator Azure Blue in 1952. However, even then, Billups demonstrated a weakness for corruption as long as it was for the good of the museums, as he temporarily considered using the device that could have granted Azure Blue ultimate power to become a museum-helping emperor before the Ducks restrained him. This mistake he would later repeat in 1989, when he helped John D. Rockerduck sabotage Scrooge McDuck's attempts to return artifacts to their rightful owners, believing they belonged in the museum. When this was exposed, Mr Billups was stripped of his title of curator, being made a mere 'assistant-curator' instead (with his much-abused assistant Farquardt taking the position over).

Behind the scenesEdit

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