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Mr Duck, sometimes known as Jamie Duck, is (or was) an anthropomorphic duck.


Little is known about the mysterious Mr Duck. He was the boyfriend (and probably husband) of Della Duck, Donald Duck's sister, and therefore the father of Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck. When Della first sent her children over to Donald (temporarily) in 1937, it was because the three little devils had set a cracker off under. Mr Duck's chair, sending him to the hospital for several weeks. However, in 1938, when the nephews' caretaking was handed over to Donald for good by Della, Mr Duck was nowhere to be seen; his fate post-1937 is thus unknown. It was hinted in a deleted scene of Don Rosa's Return to Xanadu that a clue as to Mr. Duck's fate (which remains unknown to his sons) was held in Tralla La; but the ducks had to leave the land before they were told the truth.

Due to Huey, Dewey and Louie calling Daisy Duck "Aunt", it has been suspected that Mr. Duck was Daisy's brother; this has been used in one German version of the Duck family tree, but other authors disagree with the notion, arguing that the "aunt" is only because, as Donald's fiancée, Daisy becomes the triplet's "step-aunt".

Physical appearanceEdit

In spite of never actually using him in a story, Don Rosa has drawn Mr. Duck for fans several times, basing himself on an older depiction of Mr. Duck in Mark Worden's Duck Family Tree. In both cases, he is depicted as a smiling duck with short black hair and small eyes (resembling his sons').

Behind the scenesEdit

Mr Duck was first mentioned in the 1937 Donald's Nephews comic.