Mr Gearloose is an anthropomorphic cockatoo.


This Gearloose is the younger son of Fulton Gearloose and Sonia Pardalto. Presumably driven to equal his gadgeteering-genius older brother Gyro, and looking down on his 'amateurishness', Gearloose went through official studies (unlike his brother) and became a chemist, working for Ladyfair Cosmetics (in tandem with an anonymous bald man) to develop a new line of men's cosmetics. Gearloose is married and the father of Newton Gearloose, who (presumably to Gearloose's annoyance) rather likes his Unca Gyro.

Physical appearanceEdit

Gearloose is similar to Gyro, though he wears a more traditional labcoat instead of Gyro's eccentric suit and seems to have somewhat tamer, browner hair.

Behind the scenesEdit

The existence of a brother of Gyro Gearloose is implied by that of his nephew Newton Gearloose. In the 1973 story Dinner Date, an unnamed Chemist looking oddly like Gyro Gearloose was featured; it is the fandom's almost unanimous opinion that this man was Gyro's missing brother, solving the mysteries of Newton's parentage and the chemist's resemblance to Gyro all in one stroke.

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