"Mr Gearloose" is the theoretical, uncertain name of a chemist who is a male anthropomorphic cockatoo.


Working for Ladyfair Cosmetics (in tandem with an anonymous bald man), this man developed a new line of men's cosmetics which was tested on Donald Duck and had rather unexpected effects.

Donald never learned the man's name, but his mind-boggling resemblance to Gyro Gearloose, combined with the fact that Gyro is known to have a brother with whom he has a very distant relationship, raises the possibility that the chemist was none other than this brother of Gyro's, having pursued academic studies unlike his more amateurish (but, ironically, much more successful) brother.

Behind the scenesEdit

It was in the 1973 story Dinner Date, that an unnamed chemist looking oddly like Gyro Gearloose was featured.

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