Mr Goose is an anthropomorphic gander.

Description Edit

Little is known about Mr Goose, other than the fact that he is the father of Luke Goose, and that he once attended a Duckburg town meeting held to discuss eradicating Halloween.

Behind the scenes Edit

Mr Goose first appeared in Carl Barks' 1961 story Jet Witch. His role as Luke the Goose's father was created for Mark Worden's version of the Duck Family Tree. There, he was also Fanny Coot's father, until Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree, in which Fanny was Luke's wife, and her parents were Casey Coot and Gretchen Grebe. This still leaves open the possibility that Mr Goose is Luke's father, as his parents were not shown on Rosa's tree.

Occasional fan-made names for Mr Goose are Graham Goose and Mark Goose.

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